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Password Generator or Key Generator | OnLine

   Free service for generating passwords and keys online will help you create passwords or keys of varying complexity. To use the service, you must select the type of password or key, length between 4 and 45 characters, and also the number from 1 to 99 passwords at a time. When generating a group of passwords - all passwords will differ from each other. Select any password or multiple, and copy to the clipboard. In addition to generating a password, it is possible to generate a key consisting of hexadecimal characters. The default is generating a standard strong password of 10 characters: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers. To create a more secure password, choose a password that also contains special characters and has a length of 15 characters.

Security rules for using Passwords and Keys

1) Change passwords as often as possible
2) Use different passwords for different sites
3) Choose the complexity of the password, depending on its importance
4) Keep passwords in safe places
5) Do not save the password on someone else's computer
Password Generator or Key Generator | OnLine